Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Going to Costa Rica...

We have been communicating with Bishop José Manuel Garita Herrera. He has indeed invited our family to his diocese in Costa Rica to do mission work. We told him that we would be committing to one year with the possibility of staying longer. We also told him we could be there as early as the beginning of May. He is going to meet with the Episcopal Vicar of Evangelization and our friend Pablo to arrange where we would be staying and to prepare some details for our arrival and mission. So even though we don't know WHEN we will be going yet we do know we WILL be going. Please pray for our family as we prepare for this new mission post. Please join us in prayer as we pray for:

adequate housing and transportation

the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the people we will be working with

our hearts to be ready to serve the Lord in whatever way He is asking

safe travels to Costa Rica

all documents (passports and visas)

God to provide all that we need for this mission post

and all our benefactors, families and friends who we will miss and love so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All on Gods Time (Costa Rica Update)

We finally spoke with our friend Pablo over the phone, from Costa Rica, last week! We first met Pablo during Intake in 2013. He came to FMC to learn more about Catholic Family Missionaries. When we felt called to Costa Rica last year we contacted Pablo by e-mail.  He responded back with tears of joy and told us that he has been praying for over a year that God would send missionaries to Costa Rica.  After e-mails we were able to talk over the phone and ask him to bring our letter to the local Bishop to introduce our family and FMC. Pablo said that he would be honored to bring our letter to the Bishop, and just 3 days later he had a meeting set up.  Here is the e-mail we received from him the very day he met with the Bishop (just last week):

Dear family:
  Our sharing with the bishop was great, glory to God. 
       He is very interested and told us he needs some time to pray and to see where will be the best options for the diocese and the necessities they have.  I told him about my experience last December (2013) with FMC and the Summers family. 
       He was very impressed seeing how lay Catholics are donating their love and time for God's Kingdom. He will call me back as soon as possible about his answer.
                                                                           Love Pablo.

The Diocese is located in the provencia Alujuela, capitol San Carlos. The diocesan website is:

Near the bottom central of the map, you will find Quesada (Cuidad Quesada).

We are excited and hopeful for what lay ahead for our family. We don't know how long it will be until we find out more. We will continue to wait on the Lord and his timing. Please continue to pray for our family and for Bishop Jose Manuel Garita Herrera as he discerns our family's possible mission post. 

Here Bishop Jose Manuel Garita Herrera is pictured with Pope Francis!,-humildes,-reflejos-de-jesus.html