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Bailey Family May 2016
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mexico Recap: weeks 2 & 3

Driving in Mexico we saw beautiful mountains!

Being in Mexico was a huge a blessing. It was also a challenge (but a good one). God wants us to stretch and grow out of our comfort zone. And in the U.S. we had a really big comfort zone. What I mean is that we are basically, for the most part, comfortable all of the time. Our clothes are comfortable, our bed is comfortable, our car is comfortable, our couch, our chair, you get the picture.

Living in Mexico for 3 1/2 weeks we had much less of the comfortable life than we were used to. It is so eye opening to see how much of the rest of the world lives. Many of the homes we visited had no washers and dryers (they hand wash and hang to dry), no stoves (instead brick or cement ovens with firewood), very few beds (sometimes shared by everyone in the house), no hot water, and no nice furniture. The floors are cement (sometimes dirt), the walls are adobe, and sometimes they have a bathroom (usually outside). The homes would be considered very dirty, the furniture is old and often falling apart.

A simple chapel built by some of our missionaries in Mexico. We visited villages and held prayer services almost every evening.

And yet, from the poor of Mexico I saw the greatest faith and generosity. People who had what we would consider nothing, gave out of their necessity, be it clothing, money or their time. When we would visit a village where they had no regular mass (maybe once a month) almost every person who attended the prayer service would come up and ask to be prayed over. We had a pot-luck meal at one of the villages and the women of the village stood by the food and served us the entire time and wouldn't eat until we had eaten. We prayed with a man who had seizures, and was told he could die at any time, who thanked God for the blessings He gave his family (he has a wife and 2 young daughters). I was humbled and inspired by the poor and by my fellow missionaries who always served with joy. God can do great things with us when we let go and allow Him to work through us.

My amazing friend Catherine came down with the short-term mission trip and we were so blessed to have her! She took this picture at a old folks home she visited.

Felicity playing guitar while Daddy plays the Djembe.
We learned lots of songs in Spanish and Hannah is busy learning the guitar.

The girls watching the parade right outside the mission house.

Felicity and Theresa (little missionaries) in the courtyard at the mission house.

Holding hands in the dining room at the mission house where we ate all our meals in Mexico. Marta fed 50 - 80 people everyday! And even more when we had visitors from the community.
This is where we shared Thanksgiving with over 100 people.

Felicity making Magdalena smile (Theresa's sister).

Grace playing under the clothes lines where we hung our laundry in the sun. The washer we used didn't have a spin cycle so we had to hand ring everything. There was also a stone washing tub for hand-washing and an american washer (but my loads were too big for it).

Grace getting her hair washed in the pila (we also brushed our teeth here). There were 6 showers to share between us all and sometimes it was easier to just wash your hair.

Grace getting ready to get her hair braided by Melissa (one of our mission partners) 
and Felicity on Rebecca's lap.

Our family in front of our bedroom with a Mexican blanket. 
It gets very cold in the part of mexico we were in and many of the poor needed blankets.

Here is an awesome blog post a friend sent me that really reflects the theme of stretching that we experienced in Mexico.

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  1. That's great you guys!!! :) Those are great pictures of the kids, and that is really a neat little chapel. I'll be excited to see you guys when you come home!! :) (Even Catherine and Grace!! And maybe even Donovan?? :) Until then MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (Or Feliz Navidad!!! :)