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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray for Dominic

Please pray for our nephew Dominic who is in KC ,in  surgery at this moment (7:00 am March 10 and last all day). we just had a mass said for him as he was being prepared for surgery. please refer below for more info from Donovan's mother.

Please add Dominic Bailey to the prayer list for the next month or more.  He will have a 9 hour surgery on March 10 at the KU Medical Center in KC, KS to have two rods placed in his spine. 
His Duchene Muscular Dystrophy has destroyed his muscles so greatly that the curvature of his spine is causing health issues, he is unable to cough because his muscles are deteriorated, his intestines have shifted to one side due to the curvature, one lung will not expand properly and his heart (the most important muscle) is deteriorating as well.  He has suffered two bouts of pneumonia in the past year, the hope is to straighten his spine to allow his lung to expand better and give him a little more coughing ability.  Pray that the surgery will be successful, that God will steady the Dr’s hand during the long procedure.
Dominic is 13 years old and you may have seen him at church (St. Jude) at the 11:00 Mass or in the parish hall during Coffee and Rolls gathering.  He has been in a wheel chair permanently since he made his first communion at the age of 8.  His little brother, Christian now 4, also has DMD and will progress similarly as Dominic through the years.  We pray for a miracle every day, asking that if it be God’s will to please find a cure for this debilitating disease.  How wonderful it would be for Dominic to be able to walk again, to be able to hold something in his hands again (more than 5 lbs.), to hold his back up straight and not be in constant pain, to straighten his legs, to feed himself, to use the restroom alone, to raise his hand in class, and to know his brother won’t have to suffer in the same way he has. 
How many muscles does it take to help?  One, your heart!
Please pray that Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Mary our mother, Joseph (and all the saints) take our prayers to the Father, and bring his healing to Dominic and Christian and all other boys that suffer with DMD. 
Whatever God’s will, also pray that we will be able to accept it gracefully, as Jesus said, Your will, not mine.
Thank you for your prayers,
Linda Bailey

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