Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Donovan's Trip to Hilantagaan

A few weeks ago Donovan went on a trip with the other men to Hilantagaan (an island affected by typhoon Yolanda). I stayed home with the kids while he was gone. Their group traveled first by plane to Cebu then took a boat ride for about an hour. Once on that island they took another smaller boat for about 20 minutes. This ride was very rocky as the waves were large from another typhoon.

White sandy beaches and clear blue water surround the island.
The boat they traveled on was much like the one above.

They stayed in a partially built house with three tents and four hammocks carefully arranged so everyone could fit. Donovan was in a hammock and really liked it (it provided a comfortable nights rest).

Travis and Donovan coming out of the house that provided
 their shelter while on the island.

A beautiful sunset from the beach.

They were on the island to help rebuild a Catholic Chapel that had been destroyed by typhoon Yolanda last November. It was a horrible storm that destroyed so much. (During Donovan's visit he saw the effects the storm had left: clothing that was plastered to the cliffs permanently, broken trees, destroyed homes). Many of the homes in this area had already been rebuilt. But even when the homes where not rebuilt the people had asked for a chapel. Our Filipino Missionary friends Ramon and Kring had visited the area earlier in the year and the people wanted their chapel rebuilt. Generous benefactors through our missionaries provided funds to rebuild. The men were able to bring materials and tools with them on the boat.

Donovan and Travis digging out the old foundation to prepare for the new one.

Donovan was very impressed with the hard work of the Filipinos who work out in the sun all day, mixing cement by hand with shovels, and only using hand tools.

Another view of the chapel. You can see the pews behind the men
and the old altar near the yellow wall.

Taking a break from the heat. Trying to keep cool and keep
 from getting burned Donovan wrapped his shirt around his
head like the Filipinos do.

After working during the day, they invited the people to prayer meetings in the evenings.

Here John Dold gives his testimony to the group. He also
took all the photos for this blog. Also pictured is Ben
(Kring's Dad) who was the foreman on the chapel project,
He stayed behind after the group left. He is still there working
on it. 

There was no electricity on the entire island. The group had to bring their own food, drinking water, tools and materials. They got to eat lots of fresh fish, sting ray, blue crab, and octopus.

Blue Crab caught fresh for breakfast!

Eating fish and mangoes for dinner (and rice of course).

They also visited a virgin island (for a few hours) with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

The one resort on the virgin island.

Beautiful views from the beach! And no one else on the island
but their group (and the people who ran the resort).

Snack time! Graham crackers and apples.

All pictures courtesy of John Dold. Thank you John!


  1. I hope everything is going great and every one is staying healthy tell blair and the kids charity and aaron said hello and we miss you