Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Adventure to Big Woods - Part 2

A few items from Part 1 I forgot to post:

As we left Wichita on Saturday Grace held up the beautiful sunflowers from Catherine Wurts.
A reminder of our friendship and of our home state Kansas!
We carry you with us in our hearts!

Here are some pictures we took at a gas station (I think in Oklahoma) on Saturday evening. The girls LOVE horses and wanted to ride on it.
Silly gooses!

 Sweet Felicity!

Helping big sis!

Whoa Nelly!

Picking up from Part 1:
So Saturday night we headed out of Dallas and closer to Louisiana. Donovan wanted to keep driving. The girls feel asleep and I was getting very tired. It seemed like every 20 minutes I would pop my head up and ask Donovan if he was tired and if he was doing ok. He always said he was good and kept driving. Well I am getting really tired at this point and I doze off again. All of the sudden I hear the tires hit the rumble strip and I jump up in my seat. I start yelling (cause I am really startled/scared) "What happened!? What happened!?" Donovan had ALSO fallen asleep and started to drive into the shoulder. The noise of the tires hitting the grooves woke him up (thank God)! The girls also woke up (because I had been freaking out). At this point Donovan realized just how tired he was and we both decided to pull over soon. We had no idea where we were and said a quick prayer to St. Anthony to find us a place to stay. We passed one turn off and then saw a sign that said lodging ahead and had several hotels listed. We pulled off at the next stop and drove to the first decent looking hotel. They only had a few rooms left and we were able to get a king with a pull-out sleeper for the girls. It ended up being a very nice hotel and we all really enjoyed the sleep that we all needed! We went to bed about 2 am and didn't get up until 8 am. We grabbed some breakfast and headed back on the road. We had an uneventful drive (for a change) and made it to Big Woods a bit earlier than planned. On the way we made a stop at McDonald's (not to eat, but to go potty and play of course!)  I thought it was funny that none of the girls asked for anything to eat. They knew we were just there to stretch our legs and use the bathroom.They wanted to take some pictures with Ronald McDonald (I love that Felicity didn't know who that was).

 Shortly after our stop we made it to Big Woods. We were thankful to be safely arriving at our new home. As we pulled up to what would be our new house for the next 3 months the girls began screaming and getting very excited. Check out the video at a post I made earlier of our arrival.

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