Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Long Week

I haven't been able to post yet this week. Sorry! It has been a little crazy. The girls had lice, I got a migraine and then sick while trying to get rid of the lice. Praise God! I am reminded to thank Him for ALL things. We are enjoying our Sunday as a family day. We look forward to the new week. Please send us any prayer requests you have so that we and our community can pray for you.

A funny story from dinner tonight:
I was telling the family about when I was in Puerto Vallarta as a child with my mom. I remembered the tile floors and all the geckos that would come in to the hotel room and be on the bed and on the walls. I also told them about the native children who would have giant iguanas for pets and carry them around on their shoulders. To this story Catherine pipes in, "Can I be a Mexican child? Can I? Can I? I want to have geckos and iguanas for pets!" She said this all with a huge smile on her face :)


  1. Hi Bailey Family,

    Sounds like one challenging'll get better, I promise.

    Loved reading your funny story. We have one too...when our son was on a business trip in Cairo, Egypt, he saw monkeys 'FOR SALE'. He didn't tell his little children or they would have asked him to get one for them. He had to keep that a secret for a while. LOL. Just think there are probably children in Mexico who are longing to have a turtle or hermit crab...a little creature we often see.

    Enjoy your evening. Praying for you.

  2. Sounds like a rough week!!! Miss you guys! Hang in there and be blessed!