Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our home for the next 3 weeks is La Casa de Misionarios. It used to be the servants quarters to the main house next door (now owned by the city). It was built before the U.S. was a country!

We have a small bedroom that the 2 younger girls share with us. Hannah & Catherine are in the "Hen House" which used to be a stable and now houses 20 beds filled with 15 missionary girls.
There are 3 bathrooms to share and we all brush our teeth in the middle of the courtyard with bottled water.

We visited a rancho on Saturday and will be visiting many more while we are here. We invited the people to join us for a prayer meeting in the church and 2 missionaries gave their testimonies (Donovan was one of them). There were 3 other groups in different ranchos. We struggled with our Spanish phrases but I know with time and practice it will get better.

God is using this time to help us die to ourselves even more as we get used to having less than we are used to. The girls are having a blast getting to know the missionary kids who live here and some of the local children as well. They make friends very fast. Kids really do make the best missionaries!

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  1. Sounds fun! Hope the trip goes well and is fruitful.
    ~ Erika