Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Pony Race, Nicaragua, & a Missionary Blessing

Getting ready for the race!

Last Sunday there was another fiesta/fundraiser at our Parish. The whole month of August the church celebrates our patron, Our Lady of the Angels. As always, there was food (tamales, arroz con pollo, arroz con picadillo, soup). In the morning the 3 younger girls participated in the children’s stick pony race. 

Felicity with the homemade horse and the
bag she won.

And they're off! They raced around the block starting and
 ending at the church.

We didn’t know that we were supposed to bring our own pony and showed up without them. Sr. Claudia was so sweet and went to find us something we could use. They found one pony and then another lady from the church made one right there for Felicity. Catherine had to run with a broom but she still had lots of fun. Catherine was the winner with Grace close behind.

Catherine won a homemade pillow.

We also got to play Bingo with corn kernels.

Hangin' out with mama.

The cutest smile!!!

It wouldn't be a fiesta without the music! Click below to watch this baby dance!

On Wednesday we had to travel to Nicaragua to renew our visas. As U.S. citizens we are granted a 90 day travel visa. In order to renew the visa we must leave the country. The Nicaraguan border is about 2 hours from our house. We drove to the border with Sr. Karen, Sr. Claudia and Christian, a kind man who offered to drive our car home for us. Crossing the border took about 2 hours and then we had a 30 minute drive to a nearby town where we had a hotel room in a very simple hotel.

Sr. Karen is from Nicaragua and had to go on to her hometown about 5 hours away. (Sr. Claudia had not crossed the border because she drove the other vehicle back to Coopevega.) We walked around the town and found a church very close as well as a wonderful park for the kids to play at.

They all loved the park.

Queen of the Castle!

Hangin' out!

 Just up the street was the Rio Juan (which looked more like a very large lake or the ocean to us). It is a popular place for tourists to visit and ride in boats along the river.

On Thursday morning we attended Mass at 7 am. We could hear the bells and music being played from the church at 6:30 (very much like they do in the Philippines). During Mass one of the altar servers approached us and asked for our names and where we were from. He wanted me to write it down for the priest. At the end of Mass the priest introduced our family and told everyone that we were Catholic Missionaries. He presented each of us with a rosary necklace and then blessed us all with holy water. It was such a blessing to be welcomed so kindly by this priest and church were we had never been before.

There was a small Eucharistic procession after Mass.

Us at the church down the street from our hotel.
St. Charles Borromeo

We were able to return to Costa Rica yesterday. It was a little faster crossing back and we had no problems.

The Lord knows how to remind us of our calling to missionary life in unexpected ways. He often uses people and places around us to show us the way. Thank you Jesus for a safe and fruitful trip to Nicaragua!

These are just too cute! I had to include them :) 

This girl can eat! Watch out banana pancake sandwich!

She was so proud of her yummy breakfast creation at
the hotel restaurant!

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