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Bailey Family May 2016
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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Power of a Testimony

It was one of those days (well week really).
 I can relate Gabe.

I have to admit I was feeling pretty homesick last week. I miss my family, friends and some of the comforts of the American life. I was feeling down and beating myself up for not knowing enough Spanish, not doing enough ”mission work”, not being a better parent, and the list goes on. I was falling into a trap that the devil likes to set for all of us. But I didn’t realize it was happening. That was until I was asked to give my testimony. Fr. Julio asked Donovan and I to give our testimony at a church (San Joaquin) near our town in. In order to give our testimony we had to reflect back on what it is in our life that God has done. We made a simple outline based on the things we normally talk about in our testimony. We talked about it with each other and prayed together. And guess what? Reflecting on my testimony reminded ME of all the awesome things God has done in my life. It’s funny how sometimes I forget about the miracles and experiences I have been blessed with. That’s why it’s so important to know your testimony and GIVE it. It reminds you and glorifies God for others.

We were also able to give our testimony to our parish in Coopevega on Saturday. It was a great opportunity for people to learn more about us and why we are here. It was really blessed!

Our new friend Claudia translated our testimony.
She came to Coopevega to live with the sisters
for 10 months as a missionary. She is from
Mexico and we are so happy to have her

A personal testimony is a great way to share a personal story of how God has worked in your life. It is the perfect way to evangelize the Love of the Lord. Once I realized that all this negative thinking was not coming from God and was not good for me I was able to let go of it. The Lord always brings us consolation not desolation. Sometimes He will allow us to be tempted or experience the desolation of the devil, but He never abandons us and is with us through it all. If He does allow me to go through the desolation then it is so I can learn something and grow in grace and holiness. We have been listening to a great series online from It is a 16 talk series about Discernment of Spirits with Fr. Gallagher (who specializes in Ignatian Spirituality). I highly recommend you listen to it too. It’s great for on your way to work or the grocery store.

This reminds me of a verse I that has been on my heart lately.

“My grace is sufficient for you. For power is made perfect in weakness.” 
2 Corinthians 12:9

I am not strong enough for all of this on my own. I can’t do this by myself. I am too weak. But it is in these moments where I become weak that the Lord can do the most in me. It will be His strength that pushes me through, His strength that holds me up. If I am being proud, stubborn or self-focused then I don’t have any room for the Lord to work in me. It’s when I get out of my own way and welcome Him into my heart and life that He makes me strong. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

So now I ask you: What is your testimony? What has God done in your life? What miracle, conversion or personal encounter with the Lord can you share with others? Now pray about, write it down and go share it!

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