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Bailey Family May 2016
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman (Part 1)

Not just great, but the greatest!
The Our Lady of Guadalupe tilma 
is framed inside the Basilica.

Our family was greatly blessed to be able to attend the Mexico Summit this year at the beginning of September. The Summits are once a year in different parts of the world for our missionaries to gather together for formation, fellowship and prayer. We were able to attend the Asia Summit last year while in the Philippines and both times have been wonderful blessings for our family. This year we gathered with other missionaries from Mexico in Mexico City.

We drove from our house to San Jose to catch a flight to
Mexico City. This drive is about 4 1/2 hours and
down a mountain. We drove past a lot of
beautiful scenery. It's always green in Costa Rica!

A view of what we saw shortly before landing in Mexico City.

We arrived one day early and we took an unexpected tour
of the city plaza. Here we are in front of the
 Cathedral (not the Basilica).

A gigantic Mexican flag in the center of the plaza.

A John Paul II and Our Lady of Guadalupe
statue in front of the Cathedral.

When the statue was made they asked people
from all over Mexico to send keys. The statue
was full of these keys and reminded us of the
passage from Matthew 16:9
"I will give you the keys of
the kingdom of heaven"

Inside the Cathedral it was so beautiful!
It reminded me of the churches I had visited
in Italy with my Mom.

The main altar.

My Grace Maria in front of Mary Full of Grace!

Hannah & Catherine in front of one of the
 many side altars. Before Vatican II priests
fulfilled their daily obligation to say mass
in a side altar (there was no concelebration).

Felicity in front of an old confessional.

The priest who gave us the tour found a mariachi band
to play for us. What a treat!

Our Summit took place very close to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our family was able to visit four times during our stay in Mexico. This was so special for our family because we experienced a healing miracle fifteen years ago when the Bishop of Wichita dedicated Donovan's sister (who had been in a horrible car accident) to the intercession of Juan Diego.

My two guys in front of the old Basilica
(where the Tilma used to be displayed).

On the grounds near where Juan Diego lived
after speaking with Our Lady.

There are many roses growing on and
around Tepeyac Hill. This is my little Rose!

To be continued...

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