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Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Community visits with the Bishop Day 2

Can you imagine not being able to go to Mass every Sunday? There is no daily Mass and adoration may occur once a month if at all. Until recently our family has always had the ability to attend Sunday Mass. But last week we were in Samara for language school. We arrived Sunday morning for Mass and then realized it was a communion service. It was the first time we weren't able to go to Mass and it was so strange. It really felt like we were missing something! I though about all the Masses that day that were occurring in Wichita ALL over the city at all times of the day and how many times I had taken those opportunities for granted.

Many of the communities we shared with you in our last post and the communities we will share in this and our next post are communities in this same situation. Many of them only get mass once or twice a month. There is no daily mass. These communities and these people need your prayers.

Please consider being a prayer partner to support and lift up one of these communities in your daily prayers. 


Day Two:
The next day started again at 8 am as we headed out to 5 communities and 2 schools. We started first with the schools in Coopevega (where we live). Both schools are fairly small. Class sizes are around 15 - 20 students.

El Colegio de Coopevega (Coopevega High School)

 La Escuela de Coopevega (Coopevega Elementary - where the girls attend)

Here we are standing in Grace's classroom (her teacher is
on the right) with students from other classes as well.

El Carmen – Patron Saint: La Virgen de Carmen
There are about 30 families in this community. They receive Mass twice a month. Many of the families sell cheese to earn an income. One of 2 churches without electricity.

The children of El Carmen

The Bishops new friend Gabriel pointing to Jesus
on the Bishops pectoral cross. 

A common sight in Costa Rica.

Amazing views from the road

San Vito – Patron Saint: San Caralampio
This community has around 50 families. They receive Mass once a week. Many families sell cream, milk and wood.

Many of the churches are built simply with wood and cement. The floors are tile or cement. The benches are made of wood and so are the kneelers (if there are any). Of course there is no air conditioning. Some have fans and others don't. The altars are sometimes a wooden table or cement.

Our friend (and translator) Claudia from Mexico.
She is a missionary living in Coopevega
with the Missionary Sisters.

San Fernando – Patron Saint: La Immaculata
This community is very small with only 7 families. They don’t have a church building and instead meet in the school. They work on farms with palms and animals.

The sky was so beautiful that day!

The school where they meet for Mass.

A view of the river from the school.
When it rains the road is washed out and
the only way in and out of the town is by boat.

La Cascada – Patron Saint: San Miguel
This community is also small with around 8 families. They receive Mass every 2 weeks. Many are out of work. This is the 2nd church without electricity.

San Francisco – Patron Saint: San Francisco
This community has around 7 families. They work on farms with wood and animals.

All the children dressed in white for the Bishops visit
and the church was lit with candles. It was so beautiful!

This girls is growing up so fast! She is already
taller than me! Me being Blair and not Donovan
of course! ;)

Please consider being a prayer partner with us to lift up theses communities and beautiful people in daily prayer. Pray about it. Choose a community. E-mail me and let me know which one you are praying for.

And remember, there is still one more post of communities I would like to share with you.

To be continued...

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