Bailey Family May 2016

Bailey Family May 2016
Bailey Family May 2016 - Big Woods

Friday, October 30, 2015

Visits with the Bishop Day 3: Prayer Partners NEEDED!!!

Ok! This is the third and final post on visiting communities with the Bishop. Please prayerfully consider becoming a prayer partner with us to lift up these communities in prayer! We are looking for prayer partners willing to pray for one specific chapel/community on a daily basis. 

Join us in this mission.

Day Three:

Chamorro – Patron Saint: San Juan El Bautista
There are 4 families. They receive Mass once a month. The people work in dairy farms.

Children really do make the best missionaries!

Chorreras – Patron Saint: San Juan Pablo II
The community has no church building and meets in the school. They receive Mass once a month. This community is located just across the river from the Nicaraguan border. The road is very bad and difficult to travel (even more so than the roads to the other communities). The people farm and fish but don’t have a lot of work.

On the road again!
Travelling to Chorreras (the farthest community) which is
located near the Nicaraguan border.

The school building where they meet for church.

Making friends with Fr. Alvaro.

This class is converted for Mass when needed.

A view of the San Juan River and Nicaragua on the other side.

Muddy roads make travelling to and from the
community difficult for people who live here.

Moravia – Patron Saint: San Jose
This community has around 70 families.

The largest church building we visited.

Limoncito – Patron Saint: San Miguel
This community is very small and meets in a home.

Sitting with the Bishop and visiting with
some community members.

A small altar set up on the front porch of a house.

Coopevega - Patron Saint Our Lady of the Angels - Our Home Parish
Our parish has Mass once a week on Saturday evening. Fr. Julio stays in Coopevega for 4 days a week to provide Mass to the nearby communities.

Saturday evening we celebrated Confirmation for all the communities together in Coopevega. There were 25 students and about 10 couples in the marriage preparation classes.

The church was packed! People sat in chairs and stood outside.

Please pray for these communities. If you would like to specifically commit to one of these communities for the next year please e-mail me or leave a message in the comment section below. As Ms. Genie says, “Prayer is the MOST we can do!” These communities need your prayers. Join us as we support them with our prayers.

God Bless you all! Have a beautiful weekend!

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